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Earthquakes and Hurricanes

We experienced an earthquake on Tuesday. Not so unusual if you live on the West coast, but um, we live on the East coast. I was visiting a friend. She and I were in one room looking through maternity clothes that we had shared.  Our kids were playing in different parts of the house. The big kids had been playing upstairs. When the earthquake first started, we looked at each other. First we thought that the kids were jumping around on the top floor. And then the whole room started to shake and swear the walls were swaying. Okay, okay, it felt like the walls were swaying.  We bolted out of the room looking for all of the kids. Thankfully all of them were safe. A little scared, anxious and worried, but safe.

Now it looks like, four days later, that Hurricane Irene is on its way.  I'm in denial. Just like I was with the past two blizzards. I feel like we have everything that we need to carry on in case of power outages.  But I know that I'll panic sometime tonight and insist that one of us goes to the store to pick up some last minute items. I'll fill up all of our bottles/containers with water. I'll insist that we fill up the bathtub with water. I'll make Hubby go out for bread. Now I'm reading on FB that friends are suggesting that everyone fill up on gas, and take cash out of the ATM.  I wasn't going to go that far. But should I?

We have staples (toilet paper, peanut butter, crackers, water).  What do you think? Anything else that we  should have. What would you suggest? Are you concerned about the hurricane or are you going with the flow?