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Driving Around in My Automobile...

Except, my baby wasn't beside me at the wheel. It was just me and I was driving to a bridal shower for a dear friend.  I had gotten directions with the invitation, but when I RSVP'd I was told that I might also want to mapquest directions because they were a little tricky.  After looking at Mapquest I saw that it would take me 20 minutes to get to the shower. I even left early enough to give me some time to get lost since I hadn't been there before.  Over an hour later, I was still lost and running out of gas. To make matters worse, I had left my cell phone at home and couldn't mapquest directions from my new location. It was awful! I drove up the road, I drove down the road. The two sets of directions I had did not match and had me turning this way and that to find a road I would never find because lo and behold, the sign was down.

When I finally stopped at a gas station, I asked the lady next to me about street names. She said it was a new part of town and didn't know the streets very well and suggested I speak to the gas attendant. I went inside and asked him the same question. Same answer. He even said that his map wouldn't be any good because it was a new part of town and wasn't on the maps yet. Great, just great.  However, the woman was able to get me to the signless road and from there I was able to get to the shower.  The surprise shower.  Yup, a surprise shower.  Of course by the time I got there the bride-to-be was already there. I was more than 45 min. late, but I did make it and she was glowing and beautiful the whole time. She laughed at my story and said it was just what have happened to her. And she's right. I remember when she was driving me to my wedding we were thrown off by a truck that had lost it's load of watermelons right in front of us.  She swerved, we detoured, and we still made it to the wedding on time.

That's life isn't it? Driving around in circles only to find out that what we are looking for is within easy reach?  How often do we give up because it's just too hard, maybe not worth it?  The whole time I was driving around I was less than 5 minutes away from my destination. I thought about giving up, going home, and e-mailing the hostess and the bride-to-be about the situation and finding another time to drop off the present to my friend. But, J.B. is a really good friend. She was in my wedding 8 1/2 years ago and while I don't get a chance to see her very often, she is still my dear friend and I wanted to be there for her celebration.

When I was remembering our drive to my wedding, it reminded me that she just found another way to go when we were stopped by a bunch of rolling fruit.

Moral: Keep going, don't give up. It's probably right under your nose. Sometimes you have to swerve, take a detour, or go down an unknown road, but in the end you'll find what you're looking for.