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Today I needed a do-over.  I absolutely hate getting up late and feeling behind.  This morning I got out of bed about an hour later than I usually do and the kids woke up about an hour earlier than they usually do for Summer....which led to feeling, really, really behind.

I tried to stick to my routine of listing my to-dos for the day, getting in a barefoot run in the backyard, breakfast with my mug of chai tea, and having some time for prayer. That was blown out of the water today as the kids woke up as I was trying to get ready for a few minutes of running and strength training.  I tried anyway and invited them to run up and down our backyard with me. Buggy said yes, but wanted to get her shoes, as I was literally only going to run for about 3 minutes because I was barefooting up and down the backyard I told her to just go barefoot with me. It ended with her in tears and crying because she didn't want me to run, losing out on running and having to put her back in her bed, and me becoming incredibly irritable.  I ran to get a shower as I heard the baby waking up and crying in his crib. When I took him out of his crib, he was horribly upset.

I was so incredibly frustrated and trying to figure out how I was supposed to get everything done that needed to be done before we ran out the door in the next hour for swim team practice.  I had planned to meet a friend for a playdate and was relieved when she called and we had to cancel our original plans and she ended up coming over with her kids. It was like God heard my prayer and my frustration as I was running around the house screaming in my head, "I need a do-over!"

After the brief phone call with the change in plans, things clicked:  I managed to eat (scarf?) breakfast (really it does wonders), not worry about packing a lunch, forget about printing out directions or worry about making it to our destination on time. It's what I needed after such a horrible beginning to the day.

Today ended up being totally low key and perfect. The kids played outside in a kiddie pool. We had a simply yummy lunch of scrambled eggs with veggies tossed in. And time to breathe. I got my do-over and I'm grateful.  Here's to an easier start to tomorrow.