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Crap, we're stuck

Those are the words my 3 year old said when we were stuck in the craziness called the Costco parking lot.

We were trying to get out and my son say, "Crap, we're stuck."
Me: "what did you say?"
Son: "Crap, we're stuck."
Me: "Where did you hear crap?"
Son: You said it a long time ago, Mommy.

Flashback to the 90's PSA where the kid is rolling or smoking a joint and the father catches him and says "Where did you learn that?" and the kid says, "I learned it from watching you!" in the angsty teenage voice.

Back to current situation and to myself in my head...crap, my son heard me say crap.

Me: Sweetheart, that's not a really nice word and Mommy should not have said it.  I'm sorry, please don't
       use it again.
Son:  Why Mommy. Why isn't it a nice word?
Me: It isn't, I'm sorry. Please don't say it again. When did you hear me say it?
Son: A long time ago, Mommy.

And then he starts singing, "Ohhhhh, I want crap for Christmas. Ohhhh, nothing more will do. Ohhhh, I want crap for Christmas, My Christmas wish'll come true."

If you are from Baltimore you might recognize the song, "I want crabs for Christmas."
That's right, crabs not crap!

I started laughing and said, "Oh, it's crabs, (emphasizing the "b"), not crap. Crabs are fine. Mommy loves crabs. They are a type of seafood. It's I want crabs for Christmas. Not crap. CRABS.

My son is adamant it's crap and I correct him again. And then he sings, "Oh I want crabs and lobsters for Christmas. Oh, I want crabs and lobsters for dinner. Oh, nothing more will do. Oh, I want crabs and lobsters for dinner. My Christmas wish'll come true...."

Whew...dodged a bullet there. I think...