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My son cracks me up on a regular basis with some of the things he says. Here are the most recent quotables:

Me: What do you want for lunch?
B: Are we omnivores?
Me: Yes.
B: A little meat and a little plant. Thanks.

B:  Speaking of pollen and nectar, I have to go to the bathroom.

On Daddy painting his room with two different murals because the kids will be sharing a room by Christmas:
B: What are you going to paint in my room?
D:  What do you think Buggy will like?
B: Things that little girls like. You know flowers and butterflies
D: What would you like on your side?
B: Things that boys like?
D: Like what?
B: Ummmm
D: Cheetahs? (Boogie has a smalled stuffed cheetah, Chester, who is his constant companion).
B: Yeah, cheetahs! And girls.
D: Girls?
B: Yeah, I like girls. Cheetahs and girls on my wall.

B: Can we give Buggy away?
D: Why?
B: She's annoying.
D: Who do you want to give her to?
B:  Jillian. Jillian would like to have her.
D: Jillian already has a little sister.
B: What about Isaiah?
D: Isaiah has a sister, too/
B: Well we can't give her to Lolo and Lola (his grandparents), because I want to see them.  Doesn't anybody want a little sister?

Oh, boy. I think I have my hands full with my two little ones!