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Yesterday, I woke up with a stomach bug.  I woke up and realized that I did not feel well. I had a slight fever and my stomach was making all sorts of weird gurgling sounds. Knowing that Hubby has been working late and working really hard on his current project, I knew that I wouldn't be able to ask him to stay home to be with the kids. However, he did offer to call my aunt and ask her to come over to watch the kids while I stayed in bed to rest as best as I was able.

He ended up speaking to my mom who was able to take a day off from work and came over to take care of me and the kids.  Hubby went in late to get the kids ready for school and to prepare them for the hand off to Mom. Mom took over breakfast and walking Boogs to school. She spent the rest of the day playing games with Bugs and looking after the baby. Unfortunately, we realized later that the baby had the same yucky stomach bug I had. Ugh.

Mom was a trooper taking care of mealtimes, naptimes, homework, and baths.  I was able to spend most of the day in bed/bathroom.  I was too weak to help out and the smell of food was nauseating.  She really stepped up and the kids LOVED the extra time they had with her.  As an added bonus my dad came over after work. He brought dinner and helped to take care of the kids. He even brought over milk when Mom looked in the fridge and realized I was running low.  Grocery shopping had been on my list of things to do yesterday, but that obviously didn't happen.

While Mom bathed the kids, Dad took care of the kitty cats, and took out my garbage and diaper pail.  After baths, Dad took over bedtime routines.  This was a huge blessing to me, especially since Hubby had to stay late at work and didn't come home until after 1am.

I hate being sick and I especially hate asking for help. But with my parents, there was an even flow and they stepped in when I had to take a step back. I didn't have to tell them what to do. They naturally fit into the everyday movement of my family.  I feel very blessed by their help and support. It also reminds me that I am not alone and that I have help if and when I need it, I only have to ask.  It also makes next month look less daunting as Hubby's project takes him out of town for nearly 3 weeks.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. Thank you for being there for me and my family! I love you!