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I ran the local 5-miler this past Saturday and I ran it in 56:25.  Twelve minutes faster than I ran it last year.  It's amazing what happens when you drop 24 lbs., buy a good pair of running shoes, and finally get a new prescription for an asthma inhaler for your exericise-induced asthma

The was the crazy Saturday that Hubby would be coming home on the red-eye from a week-long business trip.  My parents had graciously offered to have the kids spend the night at their house. This meant the kids didn't have to wake up super early so that I could leave for my race. The kids spent the night with my parents, who then took them to my son's t-ball game in the morning.  What a stress-relief not to have to worry about the kids while I was trying my best to run a good race.

I prepped for the race by taking TREC classes at the gym and running outside several times over the last few weeks.  Hard to find time to run outside with two kids and a hubby who has been gone on business trips. But I found time to do it when Hubby was home and felt better about being able to run this past Saturday.  I had also lost weight which helps when you are trying to lower your time.

Even though I had run outside several times and had run full 5 miles at least twice, I still wasn't feeling prepared.  I was afraid I would walk more than I wanted (which I didn't want to walk at all). I was afraid I'd come in last, which I have nearly done the last two races I've run in. I was afraid I would lose my cookies due to nerves before I even made it to the race site. Fortunately that didn't happen.

My goals this race:
**Run 5-miles in under an hour
**Keep my BIL (brother-in-law) in sight
**Not lose my cookies on the race.

I downloaded several new songs on my ipod in the hopes to get my adrenaline pumping.

Some songs that I listened to on the race and the thoughts I had as I heard them:

Have a Nice Day--Bon Jovi
Ooooh, if there's one thing I hang onto
that gets me through the night I
ain't gonna do what I don't want to
I'm gonna live my life

That's right, I'm not gonna do what I don't want to. I'm going to run my brains out because I think it's fun.

So What--P!nk
So, What,
I'm still a rockstar, I got my rock moves

Yeah, I totally air drummed my way through this song. My BFF sent me several messages about me being a rockstar to encourage me for the race. I thought of her as I ran.  Yeah, I'm  rock star.

Hey Ya--Outkast
Shake it, shake it, shake it,
shake it, shake it, shake it,
shake it, shake it, shake it,
shake it, shake it, shake, shake it
shake it like a polaroid picture

Yup, I felt my backside shake it like a polaroid picture. Not a great image, I still have too much to shake. Still gotta work on that.

(Lyrics provided by metrolyrics.com)

The music pumped through and it was awesome. There were times that I couldn't keep going, but then a new song would go on and I would be jazzed. My music choices are eclectic with a little Dar, Michael Buble, P!nk, Outkast, Black eyed Peas, John Mayer, Third Day, Jars of Clay, and yes, even a little Britney.

I became a little frustrated with some of the "walkers" on the race. You know, the ones that start off fast and then start walking, but the second you pass them, they decide to start running and pass you? Argghhhh, that's so frustrating to me, especially if they beat me! I feel like I should do better since I run the entire race and I don't stop to walk. This year, my goal was to pass every walker I saw. I did, and even if they passed me, it encouraged me to pick up my pace and pass them by the end.

By mile 4 I was definitely hitting my wall and getting tired. I had seen the 4-mile marker and didn't think I had any more energy to keep going. I had already made the most of every downhill run, lengthening my stride and running faster. But the last mile was slightly uphill with the wind blowing in my face.  Not the best scenario. I was tired. As I was coming around one of the turns I saw a woman standing on a sidewalk by herself looking as if she was waiting for someone. As I came closer she ran into the street and started clapping yelling, "Go, keep running, keep going." I screamed, "Jules!"  It was so nice. A friend of mine had seen my FB status before leaving the house that morning and just happened to be in the exact area of the race for something else. She stopped by the race.  I don't know how long she had been standing there or if she even knew I would be coming by, but there she was waiting.  It was totally unplanned and totally awesome. I admit in that last mile I was having a bit of a pity party thinking about how Hubby wasn't there in the morning to wish me luck and that my kids wouldn't be there at the end. So it was totally awesome that Jules was standing there cheering me on when I needed it the most.

Last week when I ran outside on my own in preparation. I knew that I could run the race in 1 hr. 0min. 17 sec. But I really wanted to run the race in under an hour. I know that it's not a good race time, but it would be better than last year's time of 1 hr. 8 min. and something seconds.  By the last mile I knew that I had 17 minutes to go before the end of the mile. I also knew that I could run the last mile in 11 minutes...it gave me a bit of a cushion. When I came around the last turn and saw the end, I turned on the burners and sprinted the last bit. My BIL who finished long before I had was there to cheer me on at the end and with a cup of water. Awesome.

I ran the race in 56:25. As my husband says, I've been doggin' it during my practice sessions. I ran faster than I thought I could. It's not a fabulous time, but for the first time, I'm not the last girl in my age group truckin' in.  I felt great after the race and I'm ready for another.

Goals met:
**run the race in less than an hour
**not to lose my cookies before the race or during.

Goal not met:
Keep up enough to see my BIL in front of me.

I couldn't see my BIL after the first turn, but let's face it he runs much faster. But I did shave 12 minutes off of last year's time. If I do that again next year, I might be able to catch up ;)

Thanks to all who sent me a FB or called me to encourage me for the race. It helped to have that boost of confidence as I made it through the race. You all are rockstars! Now go shake it like a polaroid picture. JK!

Anybody ready to run the Firecracker 10K with me on July 4th?